Política de cookies

The website  www.fincalacantera.com,uses Cookies to improve and optimize the user experience. Below we will expand the information about the usefulness of Cookies, what they are used for, types of Cookies used in www.fincalacantera.com, how to disable them in different browsers and how to block the installation of third party Cookies.


Cookies are pieces of information that are stored in the browser or on the user’s device while browsing pages or applications, with information about their visit. Are used to:

  • Confirm the good functioning of the web pages
  • Memorize user preferences: language, font size, …
  • Study the experience of use when browsing the web
  • Collect statistical data anonymously about the use of the web: page views, duration of the visit, …

Thanks to Cookies it is possible to optimize user navigation, adapting the contents and services to their interests, so that each time their experience is better. The website www.fincalacantera.com uses cookies to operate, adapt and improve user navigation.

LCookies are associated with an anonymous user and their computer or device, without accessing personal information of the user at any time. Through the configuration of the browser changes can be made in the installation of Cookies that are sent to our page, without blocking access to its content, although it may influence the quality of the service.

When the user registers or initiates a session, they will have access to content adapted to the preferences and information provided in the registry and which will be stored in the browser cookie used.

On the other hand, in communications through email marketing tools, small invisible images are used to detect if the user has opened the email or not, on what date, etc. and with these data studies are carried out and improvements in communications are applied.


  • Technically, Cookies give agility to web pages, since they allow to adapt to the preferences of the users: language, currency, country, …
  • They provide security by hindering attacks against the web or its users.
  • The statistical data they offer are very important for the owners of the website, since they allow to improve their quality and ease of use.