These General Contracting Conditions (hereinafter, General Conditions) regulate the process of sale of the products offered by VIDMUNDI, S.L. in the catalog available on its website
The General Conditions link to VIDMUNDI, S.L. and the buyer (Client), granting them a series of rights and obligations, from the moment in which they make and accept an order through this page. They are mandatory and knowledgeable by both parties, so their acceptance is essential to be able to formalize an order. Therefore, the Customer must read these conditions carefully.
The headings of the different clauses are only informative, and will not affect, qualify or extend the interpretation of the General Conditions.
These General Conditions will be regulated by the provisions of current legal regulations.
It is prohibited the sale of alcoholic beverages to those under 18, therefore, VIDMUNDI, S.L. will not register or supply anyone under legal age allowed.




VIDMUNDI, S.L. is the owner of the website

  • Nombre: VIDMUNDI, S.L.
  • Registered office: Cantera de Santa Ana s/n, 31521 de Murchante, Navarra, Spain.
  • Commercial Registry of Navarra: NA-37054 Tomo 1866 Folio 31 Inscripción 1.
  • CIF: B-71326441
  • Email:

Contact: For any communication that is accurate between VIDMUNDI, S.L. and the Client, the latter must send a message to or a letter addressed to the postal address indicated above.
The Customer expressly accepts for all communications related to registering on the Web and / or product acquisitions, the use of electronic mail as a valid procedure for sending such communications.


Any User of the web page that makes an order and gives its acceptance to it at the time of its realization will be considered a Client.
The Client must register as such and provide the following data in order to place the order: name and surname or company name, VAT number, billing address, shipping address, contact telephone number and contact email.
These data will be treated in accordance with the stipulations of these General Conditions and the Privacy Policy of this site.
The username and password used for the registration on the Web are identifying data and therefore have personal and non-transferable character. VIDMUNDI, S.L. reserves the right to block or cancel the username and password of those Users who maintain debit or unpaid balances, as well as in the event that they detect fraudulent acts or bad faith in the use of the service.



The purpose of this contract is the purchase and sale of alcoholic beverages belonging to the wineries of VIDMUNDI, S.L. on this website.



Each product has a file with a description of the product and its sales price including VAT.
The final purchase price of a product or its shipping costs may vary depending on the region of destination. In any case, as the customer indicates the delivery address, the page will be offering the exact price of the products.
The system will automatically calculate the shipping costs and the total price will be communicated before the acceptance of the order by the Customer.
In most cases the product file will have a photograph of the product, as well as a description of its technical characteristics.
On the other hand, sales made by individuals or legal entities domiciled in any of the EU countries will be subject to VAT.
VIDMUNDI, S.L. informs that your online store is available for sales within Spain, except Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla). For purchase from these communities or from abroad, please consult through our email or by calling our telephone number.



It occurs at the moment in which the Client gives his express consent to the order placed, and after the acceptance of the General Conditions. It materializes when you accept these and click on the “CONFIRM ORDER” button on the order fulfillment screen.
At the moment of activating the order, the client signs a contract to purchase products with VIDMUNDI, S.L., acquiring the rights and commitments established in the applicable regulations and those set forth in these general conditions of contract.
After the acceptance of the order, VIDMUNDI, S.L. will contact the customer within 48 hours for the order confirmation.
The invoice issued for the purchase will be sent with the purchased products.



The fact that the order is placed does not mean that the product (s) will be reserved; The product (s) will be reserved at the time the payment is made.
In the event that at that time did not remain that product in stock, we would contact you to inform the situation and inform the next availability of the product or, where appropriate, to proceed with the cancellation of the order and its corresponding return of the amount.
VIDMUNDI, S.L. makes available to the client different types of payment, among which you can find:

  • Transfer payment
  • Payment by visa / master card / teacher / euro 6000 / american express
  • VIDMUNDI, S.L. You can expand or reduce the number of payment methods at any time.

The customer will select the payment method chosen among those available at the time of purchase.

  1. Payment by bank transfer:

The customer can choose the payment by credit card, performing the operation at the time of placing the order. Only visa / master card / maestro / euro 6000 / american express cards are accepted.
You must notify VIDMUNDI, S.L. Any undue or fraudulent charge on the card used for the purchase, by email or by telephone, in the shortest possible time, in order to carry out the necessary arrangements.


The delivery times for the orders depend on the availability of the product or products that compose them. The maximum delivery time in the Peninsula is 5 working days, once the payment has been confirmed. From Monday to Friday, except weekends and holidays. This period may be modified during holiday periods or due to circumstances beyond VIDMUNDI, S.L.
For deliveries in territories outside the Peninsula or the Balearic Islands, it must be consulted before the purchase with the Customer Service Department.
In no case will be sent to postal sections.
Deliveries will be made through a courier company at the delivery address indicated in the order’s shipping data. The subsequent modification of this address may generate a series of expenses that will be borne by the Customer and the delivery may be affected.
You must indicate an address where delivery can be made within a normal working time. Two distribution attempts will be made. In case of not delivering the goods, the delivery person will leave a note to go to the nearest courier office. The delay in delivery will not imply any compensation and will only entitle the Customer to cancel the order when the circumstances described in the following point of these conditions are met. Any penalty clause for delay introduced by the Customer in his order is without effect.
VIDMUNDI, S.L. is not responsible for breach of contract for reasons beyond its activity, such as strikes or transportation problems.



The Client is entitled to withdraw from the order within seven business days of receiving the order, as set forth in Article 44 of Law 7/1996, of January 15, on the Regulation of Retail Trade.
To do this, you must communicate to VIDMUNDI, S.L. your decision by postal mail at the address Cantera de Santa Ana s / n, 31521 from Murchante (Navarra) or email at
Once the communication of withdrawal has been made, VIDMUNDI, S.L. will respond to the request indicating the way to make the return of the product. Said refund will be made within 7 days from the communication to VIDMUNDI, S.L. of the return procedure. The expenses originated will be charged to the Client. A copy of the invoice will be sent along with the product.
When the Client has exercised the right of withdrawal or resolution, VIDMUNDI, S.L. will be obliged to return the sums paid by the Client. The refund of these sums will be made as soon as possible and, in any case, respecting the legally stipulated period.
If at the time of delivery it is visible and clearly visible, without the need to handle the shipping packages or the product’s own packaging, that a product has defects caused by damage to the transport or it is seen, in the same way, a error in the product received, you must notify VIDMUNDI, SL in the directions indicated above. In that case, VIDMUNDI, S.L. will deliver to the user another product equal to the purchased one, picking up the defective one when delivering the new product, assuming VIDMUNDI, S.L. the costs of this management. In the event that the Client chooses to return the money, he must indicate this by providing the account number in which he wants the corresponding amount to be deposited. The refund of the amount will be made in the legally marked time.
The right of withdrawal can not be exercised in the event that the product is not returned in its original packaging and when the product is not in perfect condition. Neither will the withdrawal rights be met after the stipulated deadline.


The legal framework of guarantee (Law 23/2003, of July 10, of guarantees in the Sale of Consumer Goods) is intended to provide the Client with different options to demand sanitation when the acquired good is not in accordance with the contract, giving it the option to demand the repair or replacement of the property, unless it is impossible or disproportionate.
In virtue of this, VIDMUNDI, S.L. will respond to the Customer for any lack of conformity that exists at the time of delivery of the products of the order, understanding these as tangible assets intended for private consumption.
The invoice of VIDMUNDI, S.L. It is valid as a guarantee and must be delivered together with the goods in case of claims for possible incidents (damaged product, wrong or other cause susceptible to claim).
For all aspects of the commercial guarantee referred to in Article 11 of Law 23/2003, of July 10, of guarantees in the Sale of Consumer Goods, the content of Law 7/1996, of January 15, Retail Trade Ordinance.




  • Read these General Conditions prior to the acceptance of the order.
  • Respect the General Conditions once the order has been accepted.
  • Respect the accepted Privacy Policy after registering on the Web.
  • Pay the agreed prices at the time of placing the order.


  • In the event that it is possible to deliver the goods ordered under the conditions agreed with the customer, deliver the product in good condition at the place of delivery.
  • Respect the price of the orders agreed at the time of realization.


  • In case of receiving the products, they will be received under the agreed conditions and in perfect condition.
  • he immediate return of any amount advanced to the company in case the company can not serve the products under the agreed conditions.
  • Cancel the order in the cases established in these General Conditions.


  • Receive payment of orders.
  • Modify the prices established on your website for your products.
  • Modify the delivery terms of the product depending on the availability of the same.
  • Cancel orders due to Customer default.
  • Cancel the web page without prior notice.



For the purposes of notifications, requirements and writings of any kind to which this contract gives rise, it shall be understood as the domicile of VIDMUNDI, S.L. the one indicated in the present General Conditions.



Even if the invalidity or inapplicability of a clause of this contract or one of its parts is declared, the rest of the clauses or their parts will continue to be valid and have value.



These General Conditions are governed by current Spanish regulations, and specifically by: Civil Code, Law 26/84 of June 19 General for the Defense of Consumers and Users, Law 7/98 of April 13, General Conditions of the Recruitment, Law 7/96 of January 15 on the Regulation of Retail Trade, Directive 2000/31 CE of the European Parliament and the Council of June 8, Law 34/2002 of July 11 on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, Law 23/2003 of July 10 of Guarantees in the Sale of Consumer Goods and the regulations that develop them.


The legislation applicable to these Conditions will be Spanish. Also, unless expressly prohibited by law, for the resolution of all litigious issues arising from these General Conditions relating to the purchase of products or the Privacy Policy, the parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction and jurisdiction of the parties. Judges and Courts of Navarre.