``Soil, Moncayo & Cierzo”``

Our fourteen hectares lie in the midst of the Ebro Valley, in the heart of a large terrace known as “Monte de las viñas”.

‘Cantera de Santa Ana’ estate is “Soil, Moncayo and Cierzo”.

The majestic Moncayo is the tallest peak in the Iberian range and protects our land, drawing in the clouds and Atlantic cold fronts. Its imposing height and glorious halo make for a singularly magical landscape.

Alluvial soil and limestone. Quick draining; cool in the depths. Outstanding for vine growing.

The ‘Cierzo’: A cold, dry north-westerly wind. When it blows, it enriches our grapes and freshens our nights.

Respecting the land & uniqueness

We have a passion for vines and ensure we respect the land. We work the land gently, leaving it to be irrigated by rainfall alone. The conditions of this ecosystem and our hard manual labour (green pruning, thinning, selection…) enable sustainable, responsible cultivation.

Our varieties: Chardonnay, Syrah, Red Garnacha, Tempranillo, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Vintages, care & time

Traditional wine-making, always in consideration of the characteristics of the vintage.

We aim to bring out the very best in each variety. They each require different processes and timings; fermentations, macerations, ageing in oak, standing in the bottle…, but all our wines have one thing in common: the care we exercise when creating them.